Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the types of accounts in

A. There are two (2) types of accounts in  The MERCHANT ACCOUNT also called vendor or seller account, this account is for those who will be selling their products or services through  Another is the BUYER ACCOUNT, this account are for those who will be buying products or services through


Q. How do I register as a Buyer?

A. To register a Buyer Account, simply register here.

Q. Is registration required to transact in

A. No, you may proceed with a transaction as guest.  However, we recommend registration to be updated with promos and other updates.

Q. How about the shipping?

A. Shipping is arranged between the buyer and the seller.

Q. How many days is the delivery?

A. It depends on the location of the seller, same day or next day delivery is always the priority approach.


Q. How do I register as a Merchant?

A. To register a Merchant Account, simply register here

Q. How do I upload my products to the site?

A. To upload, first you have to login with your Merchant Account to the Merchant Dashboard.  Once logged in, from the left menu, Follow this simple steps.

  1. click Catalog -> Products
  2. click the "+" sign on the upper right corner of the Products Screen
  3. input the product details, remember when you see red "*", it means that such information is mandatory and you cannot save your product without that information. Basic information needed are as follows:
    • Under General Tab
      • Product Name
      • Product Description 
    • Under Data Tab
      • Picture to show the product 
      • Model
      • Price
      • Quantity (of your stocks)
    • Then click Save button  on the upper right corner.

Q. How much is the commission to be taken by 1914Shop from my sales?

A. None, the full amount of your sales will be yours.  You will only be paying for the posting fee per product per month.

Q. How much is the posting fee per month?

A. The standard is ₱100/product/month.  It can be lower or higher depending on quantity and amount of your product.  Your first month is FREE.